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Wokingham Festival 2020 Publicity

Wokingham festival 2020 publicity
Just for fun - and then a reminder of how great the festival is

In line with every other major festival this year, Wokingham festival has been postponed to 2021, however, we decided that we would still do wokingham festival 2020 publicity to keep the event live in people's minds

To keep the spirit of the festival alive, a live stream published over the 3 days of the August bank holiday was created by me and the other main organisers.

This livestream was made up of videos of the acts who have played there over the 10 years that the festival has been going, plus videos of acts that were due to play there this year.

I was commissioned to provide both overview, publicity and act videos to support this.

This page shows the teaser, overview and publicity videos.

Other activities used  to promote bands in the lockdown can be found here  , here and here

When we are asked to document a festival, we "Overshoot" . Even if the brief is to create a 3 minute overview only, we still shoot and record every main stage act.

Generally, and unless otherwise specified, this is "First 3", so that we can be sure to have a representative amount of material without being intrusive by standing in between the act and the audience for the whole show

That meant that even though we could never predict the impact of Covid 19, we had enough material in the archives to put together over 12 extra videos to help wokingham festival 2020 publicity to continue

This first one was designed as a "Just for fun" teaser

Which was followed by a short event overview video

...and then the main event video

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