We specialise in live music event video and photography.

It's that simple

We are specialists in capturing the excitement of Live music performances using video and photography. From a band doing a small gig, right up to a main stage performance at a large festival, we have the experience to capture the performance, the audience reaction and the excitement

We generally shoot live music videos with 15 cameras, so every angle is covered, but if that isn't required we also do compelling single camera shoots as well

There are very few situations where we haven't already "been there, seen it done it" , but every project is one that we tackle with great enthusiasm and energy

We can do all forms of, ehem, shots of gigs -The packages that we offer range from a single camera shoot, right up to a crew using single and dual control drones, jibs, cranes, tacks and dollies - we don't use equipment just for the sake of it, if it's not relevant to the situation we don't suggest it. However, whatever you choose, we only shoot our music videos in full 4K , so you can expect the very best in quality.

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A Live music event Video and Photography package to suit every need

We have been doing live music event videos and photography since 1998, and whilst the technology has changed a lot, we find that our clients still want us to “Tell a story” in still and moving pictures

Our clients vary from individuals playing a beautiful set in a local pub, right up to 50 piece bands playing at a large festival

Experience tells us that it is the audience reaction which sets the tone for the live event video, so we always suggest that at least part of the footage should include people having fun, listening, enjoying themselves

Do have a look around this site and see how we can help you maximise the appeal of your band, or live event

Our clients include solo singer songwriters, small bands on their way up, headline acts, festival organisers, event promoters, and large corporates that want to memorialise a customer or staff special event

We are very aware that the performance is yours, and will do whatever we can to stay invisible – nobody likes a camera constantly pointed at them!


Small event live music video example

This is just one of the styles of live event music videos that we can do. In this case the organisers of this small park event wanted an overview of some of the attractions and the people. As soon as we heard one of the bands singing “Parklife” we knew what sound track we wanted to edit to!

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