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The core team at GigshotZ are:

Chris - who specialises in up close and personal videos and shots. Consequently, he's a bit deaf having spent too many years right next to the speakers - Speak up!

Jeff - who is our cinema and TV advert specialist. His work includes promotional videos for Jaguar Land Rover and Isuzu

Russ - Our creative specialist

Mike - is the man who knows more about lighting and camera angles than anyone else on the planet, or that's what he claims!

Ravi - Our Gimbal Cam specialist

James - our lighting effects specialist

We are all nice guys!

Contact us and tell us how we can make your event or performance special You can  e-mail us or call us on 07770 880 880 or fill out the contact form below: We would love to hear how we can help capture the excitement of your event. Live event music video and photography is what we do - talk to the specialists!

    We are based in Reading, and most of our activities are within 100 miles of here, but we've done work all over the world, so don't let that put you off!
    Tel 07770 880880 or

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