Moth Man - Nutter promo video

Moth Man – Nutter

Moth Man - nutter promo video
An unexpected event!

Moth Man are a band from Manchester and Reading. It’s a bit difficult to put them into a genre, as they create very varied compositions. However, they have a very pronounced sense of humour, that commonly is expressed in their lyrics.

The start

Moth man asked us to help promote “Nutter” right at the height of lockdown, which of course meant that getting the crew together with the band wasn’t going to be possible. We therefore tried one approach where we filmed in small “Family” groups that were allowed by the government rules

The result was good, but it missed out on the whacky humour that is very much part of the band, so we binned it

There was a distinct edict from the government of “Outside good, inside bad” as lockdown eased Therefore, we had to find something we could do out of doors

The solution

Gary, the drummer, lives next to a farmers field, and has woodland around him, so we started thinking about what we could do there

The view acoss the farmers field was gorgeous, so that had to feature. We also decided to use a brazier style Bar-b-Q as the main lighting source. A quick test showed that burning dead palm leaves from the garden produced lots of sparks. We had our chosen fuel

The shoot itself just emerged, as the bands whacky sense of humour took over, and they stared to suggest shots that we could use. I have no idea where the idea of using “Corpse paint” came from, but, well, why not!

The look of horror and fear on the singer’s face in the penultimate scene was unscripted, and very real! One of the band members decided that the flames from the Bar-b-Q were getting a bit small… So he squirted a large jet of lighter fuel onto it, and the result is what you see!

The video was approved, so we organised a simultaneous launch on both the GigshotZ social media pages, and on the band’s pages

You can find out more about Moth Man here

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