Lockdown festival

Lockdown Festival Video Production

Lockdown festival Video Production
This really kept our festival fresh in people's minds
Chris Hillman - Organizer

I started the year with 17 contracts for festival coverage. These included individual performance videos shot as live performance videos, or as band interviews after their performances, as well as full event promotion videos for the festivals themselves

They all got cancelled

But, the bands and the festivals still needed to " Be out there"

So, both the bands and the festivals asked us to support them with  lockdown performance videos. The format of "band in their 3rd bedroom" had already become stale, so we needed to find another format

This post features the Lockdown festival video production that we did for a festival - Wokingham Festival -that wanted to keep their name in their attendees mind

The treatment that we created was to show festival perforformances that had never been seen before, and so new videos were created from existing footage

It was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, and had an extensive promotion campaign using specially made teasers beforehand

It got over 3500 views and led to the interest in the festival being maintained

We also created other forms of Lockdown festival video production, some examples of which can be found here and here

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