wokingham festival 2022

Festival Promotion 2022

Wokingham Festival standard promotion

Part of what we do is to promote festivals by using the videos shot on the previous year to enhance sales during the current year

2022 was going to be a difficult year for Wokingham Festival, and all the other festivals, because Covid 19 was rearing its ugly head again, and also people were booking holidays abroad for the first time in 3 years, so getting the promotion right was crucial

For 2022 we wanted the promos to be compatible with the maximum number of social media platforms , so went for a square format

One video is insufficient, so 2 were used – one text based, which called out what facilities/attractions/food and drink you could expect to see at the festival and one based on previous years that majored on the types of acts that were going to perform

Firstly the text based short promo created in After Effects

Wokingham Festival text promotion

The second video was a more standard “Festival Promotion” video

Wokingham Festival standard promo

These two videos did indeed boost sales a lot, but we then thought that it would be a good idea to have the organisers talk about what they were looking forward to, which formed another short series that can be viewed here

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