wokingham festival promo 2023 1

Wokingham Festival Promo 1

wokingham festival promo 2023 1

I created this Wokingham Festival promo earlier than usual this year

That was because now that the spectre of Covid has diminished – almost forgotten – organisers all over the UK are planning events that couldn’t take place during the Covid years, and it is necessary to grab people’s attention before they get inundated with alternatives
But, doing a promo once is insufficient, more, new, detail has to be released in a planned way to ensure that Wokingham Festival remains top of people’s minds

Wokingham festival is aimed at families, so this initial promo reminds people that along with great music, a wide selection of grub and drink is available along with kids entertainment.

Other videos will major on the wide selection of music that is performed over the 3 days of August Bank Holiday weekend.
More promo videos can be found here and here

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