Whitestar records live performance video at wokingham festival

Whitestar Records at Wokingham Festival

Whitestar records at wokingham festival
Wokingham festival was a great showcase for many of our acts
Chris Hillman

Serial entrepreneur, Chris Hillman, owns and manages a number of record labels

As a long term friend of the main organiser of Wokingham Festival, Chris suggested to Stan Heatherington that the festival should be increased by a day, and that his acts would populate that extra day.

And so, the Whitestar records at Wokingham Festival day was created

It had a totally different feel to it when compared with the Saturday and Sunday. On those days people were there just to enjoy a happy family day of food and drink, and the music provided a backdrop to that. In the evening, they all got up and danced

Chris' day was for the fans. They knew every song, and sang along to their favourite acts - and there was a lot of them too, so they made a great chorus for their bands

This video is of three of Chris' acts that are all distributed on White Star Records

The 3 acts featured here are
Kepler 10
R2 - a tribute to Rush
Martin Turner - ex Wishbone Ash  (Note Martin isn't on whitestar records but headlined the day , so is included in the list)

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