White Star Records at Wokingham Festival

Serial entrepreneur, Chris Hillman, owns and manages a number of record labels
As a long term friend of the main organiser of Wokingham Festival, Chris suggested to Stan Heatherington that the festival should be increased by a day, and that his acts would populate that extra day.

And so the prog day was born

It had a totally different feel to it when compared with the Saturday and Sunday. On those days people were there just to enjoy a happy family day of food and drink, and the music provided a backdrop to that, until the evening, when they all got up and danced

Chris’ day was for the fans. They knew every song, and sang along to their favourite acts – and there was a lot of them too, so they made a great chorus for their bands

This video is of three of Chris’ acts that are all distributed on White Star Records

The Room, The Paradox Twin, Kepler Ten at Wokingham Festival

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