warmrain perform keep going at Wokingham Festival 2021

Warmrain keep going – video

Warmrain - keep going - recorded at Wokingham Festival 2021
warmrain perform “keep going”

Warmrain are a quintessentially English melodic art rock/prog rock band – I know that because it’s on their website

I met Warmrain at Wokingham Festival 2021, and they asked us to video their set. So we did, using 2 cameramen, a gimbal cam and a locked off camera. The sound was recorded directly from the stage mixer using a 32bit float recorder ensuring that there was no distortion, even if the on stage audio technician got a bit enthusiastic and provided an overly “hot” signal

A festival environment is never that great for actually getting to know people in bands well – everyone is so busy, and there’s never much time for “Hi, how are you” type conversations.

You get to know the bands members more afterwards as their is interaction over what style of video they want, and the approval process.

So bit by bit I got to know them, and as well as being fantastic musicians they are also really nice people

So, this is the first of the videos – “keep going” – there will be more tracks to come during 2021 and beyond

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