Reading hydro project - fish pass

Volunteers at Reading Hydro

Reading hydro project - fish pass
We are very pleased with progress, and the major issues have been overcome Nigel Paterson – Project Manager

Volunteering at the Reading Hydro Project

The Reading Hydro green electricity project has made great progress, and that is, in large part, down to the activies of the many volunteers
Some of them have specialist skills, some come along to help in any way that is needed

The motivation of the volunteers varies - some are very eco-aware green advocates. Some just like to be outdoors doing something that might be very different freom their 9 to 5 existance

But regardless of why they are there, they allhave wotrked hard with good homour, and have moved the project forward rapidly

One are that was created by the volunteers with minimal paid for constructors was in the fish pass sub-project

This was designed to allow fish that aren't as strong as Trout and Salmon free access up and down the river as safely as possible.

Reading Hydro Management asked us to create a video that highlighted the activies of some of these volunteers as part of the  public share offer.

The original share offer details are here

More details on the overall progress of the tReading Hydro Management project can be found here 

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