Rugfest and Highway to hell by unusual suspects

Unusual Suspects at Rugfest

Unusual suspects at Rugfest
Unusual Suspects play to a packed crowd at Rugfest

One of our favourite bands to video are Unusual Suspects, who played to a packed crowd at Rugfest.

We just love recording bands in a festival environment! Particularly festivals with large noisy crowds the get involved with the acts by dancing or singing along

Rugfest is one of those festivals!

The lights and sound will be great, there will be enough people to cheer good performances, and the band will be excited about playing to a large crowd – all of which give a much higher level of energy which aids the performance

As well as recording live from the cameras, we take a feed from the mixing desk. These are then mixed during the video production process, with different emphasis given at different parts of the track.

The combination of the two gives an authentic live feel, as well as crystal clear musicianship

This is of a band – Unusual Suspects headlining one of the nights at a medium sized festival, and they have used this as their major promotional tool

This video has now been viewed over 8000 times, and has resulted in the bands attracting enquiries from other festivals and events such as parties and weddings.

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