The Echo at the Marlow Donkey – Video

The Echo were playing at the Marlow Donkey and we were there to video them

The Marlow Donkey is a really buzzy pub, and on December 18th, it was heaving with everyone getting into the Christmas spirit on the last friday before the Christmas break started.

That was a lovely environment from an atmosphere viewpoint, but it did have its own issues

The area that the band were to play in was being used for 8 families who wanted to eat drink and be merry - good on them, but it did mean that it was a complete panic trying to get the bands equipment, light and sound gear set up, whilst I was setting up my sound recording equipment, 8 GoPros and two 4k Panasonics

Also, finding somewhere to shoot in such a crowded environment so that the audience could see the band was something that needed to be thought about.
Anyway, it all came together on the night. The band were on stage on time, The audience enjoyed the show, and the band ended up with some videos that they could use to promote themselves to other venues

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