Domestic solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation for IDDEA

IDDEA solar panel installation
It's about speed and quality

IDDEA and the Green Group UK Ltd commissioned us to shoot a short promotional video of a domestic solar panel installation

We were amazed how quickly the installation happened.  From scaffolding to installation and clear down was remarkably quick. We speeded parts of the video up to enable us to hit the 90 second time target.

Both organisations used this as a promotional explainer video. This enabled  potential customers to have some concept of what actually happens during an installation

The IDDEA team was made up of specialists including scaffolders, logistics experts, roof electricians, and internal electricians. Back at base were project managers who brought it all together

We created the video using 2 ground based 4k cameras, 2 4k cameras attached to the scaffolding We also used one 4k drone operated by a CAA approved drone operator

Editing the video was interesting as IDDEA wanted to use the video in a number of different ways and via very different channels

As a result, we created many different versions. There were -short and long versions, versions that could be used as banners, standard rectangular versions, and square ones that worked better with certain social media channels

This resulted in lots of  other "Green" work. We were asked to be involved with a number of "Green" companies to help raise awareness of the benefits of carbon free energy.

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