Rugfest 2018 – Video fun

The strangely named Rugfest has nothing to do with rugs! Instead it is named after its location, Wallingford Rugby Football Club (RFC)

Rugfest is the largest summer festival in the area, and is well attended by the local community.

The organisers of Rugfest give much of the profit to local charities, and strive to make the festival as family  friendly as possible.

We were asked to do 2 videos by the organisers of Rugfest. One was to be released as soon as possible after the event, and was was to be used to promote Rugfest 2019

We were also asked to provide videos of individual bands - it made sense as we already had all the equipment ar Rugfest, so it was just extra editing time that was required

This is the video that was released within 6 days of the end of the event

The second video was more focussed on the attendees at Rugfest, and was designed to show that the festival was for everyone from small children upwards

The final example is a band specific video. This has been seen over 4000 times, and is one of the main marketing tools that the band use to get gigs

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