Rugfest and Bunkfest

Wallingford hosts 2 very different festivals each year Rugfest (So called because it is held in the rugby club) is a medium sized, standard festival with one main stage, food and produce stalls, and prides itself on having many genres of music from acoustic sets up to well known mainstream bands Bunkfest (Named after the local railway line) runs throughout the town, and whilst it is centered on the Kinecroft, a park in the middle of the town, most pubs, wine-bars and eateries also participate by having performances on their premises. Whilst it claims to be a folk festival, other genres of entertainment are there to attract a wider audience.


We were asked to create a promotion video for the event, as well as video specific songs from certain bands. Below is one of the second promo videos (The other one will be be released closer to the next year's event), and one of the band videos


Some of the performers at Bunkfest asked us to video their performance.
Here are two examples - From The Echo closing the show on Sunday in the dance tent, and Steve Daniels performing solo in  The Le Clos wine bar.

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