I’ve noticed a strong trend over the last 10 years to localise festivals and music events. In the same way that traditional restaurants are having a hard time, and are being replaced by “pop-up” eateries, traditional venues are closing, but are being replaced by “Pop-up” , short term events

The reason for this seems to be multi-faceted, but amongst the reasons are that a large amount of energy, focus and resource is put into a short term event, rather than trying to keep a venue churning through acts on a weekly basis with limited investment in sound/lighting/food and drink

A good example of this new style of event is Rokefest. Roke is a tiny village, but once a year, its pub, the Home Sweet Home hosts a 2 1/2 day festival

It is very well attended, and has some outstanding food, music and drinks

Rokefest was last modified: February 17th, 2020 by Chris Elliott