Rocking out at Marlow Rock Bottom Family Festival – video

Marlow Rock Bottom is a lovely little family friendly festival

It was originally conceived as a way of generating a few quid to support the local school’s playing field. These days it has grown and grown and now generates more than just a few quid

As its reputation grows so does the number of people, and the quantity and quality of attractions.

For the kids there is face painting , juggling, swing-boats, bouncy castles, games, and slides

For Mum and Dad there’s great food, soft and hard drinks, and of course the music

It also has a well contested battle of the bands competition, which is a great place for the local bands to see what it’s like to play on a proper festival stage.

We had a great time there videoing a total of 11 bands, and left completely knackered, but pleased with the results – and so were the bands when they saw the results a few days later

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