Reading Hydro project update 2021

Reading Hydro update – March 2021

Reading Hydro project update 2021
We are very pleased with progress, and the major issues have been overcome Nigel Paterson – Project Manager

Reading Hydro Update - March 2021

The Reading Hydro green electricity project has made great progress. However, it had encountered various issues. Therefore,  we were asked to create a number of update videos that would explain what had happened, and what the triumphs and issues were

Like all major construction projects, no amount of planning will surface all issues. Without going into boring detail(a lot of the issues were to do with boring into the river bed, and the channel for the underground power cable), after around 6 months of work, it was obvious that they were going to run out of money before the end of the project

Therefore, a new shares issue was required. These videos  were designed to both show progress, and ask for further share investment

The original share offer details are here

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