Reading Hydro CBS promotion video

Reading Hydro CBS share offer

Reading hydro CBS share offer
Using the power of The Thames to create green electricity for the benefit of the community is a win-win for everyone
Andy Tunstall - Reading Hydro Director

Reading Hydro CBS was created specifically to  create green electricity for the benefit of the local community

The concept of turning the energy of water tumbling over a weir into electricity isn't new.
The device that actually does the work of the conversion of potential energy and turning a screw which drives an electricity generating turbine certainly isn't new - it's called and Archimedes screw - and Archimedes lived over 2300 years ago!

We were asked to do a short video explaining what was going to happen, and how people could make money out of this green electricity.

Because we are CAA approved drone operators, the filming was done legally and safely

What I like is that not only is the energy totally green, but the profits from the Reading Hydro CBS scheme go into a community "Pot" that people can bid for if they want to create a green project that benefits the local community.

More details on this project can be found here

We have been involved in  promoting a number of "Green" electricity schemes, including solar panel installations. More details can be found here

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