Publicity shots – walking on water

We were asked to come up with a range of publicity shots to be used for a new album launch. Having done many that reflected this heavy Metal’s band’s heritage, I decided to try something different

These publicity shots were taken on the Jurassic Coast  near Kimmeridge

The ones where they are “Walking on water” were possible because there was a causeway which, if we waited for the right moment would be covered by an inch or two of water. So whilst the band were 10 metres out to sea, they could stand “On top of the water”

I of course needed to get lower down to get the right angle, so I was up to my shoulders in seawater!

They had a look at the various treatments, and in the end went for a couple of the less “Wacky” ones for the main promotional shots, but used the wacky ones for fan-zines, and social media updates.

To date these publicity shots have appeared in over 1000 different sites, publications and blogs


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