Promotional “Making of” and Launch videos

We have been asked on many occasions to do many types of live event music band promotion videos including “Making of” videos. These come in many different styles. On this page is a video where a live performance was edited to an existing studio sound track, and a “Making of” Video

Where we edit to an existing studio track we also add in some ambient sound, that way the viewer gets the best of a high quality sound track and a feeling for the venue and the fan’s reaction to the track

The benefit of doing a making of video is that it is relatively cheap because if the make-up people are already there, the lights and equipment are already in-situ, and therefore the incremental cost is tiny.

Most bands use these videos as a way of “Bumping” interest in the main promotional video, and the fans love the extra insight into the musicians when they aren’t on the stage

We are very happy to both do promotion videos whilst another company does the main video, or to do both ourselves

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