Pennfest 2019 Bands

Pennfest has outstanding acts

The headliners are world class, including Suede, Jax Jones, Pete Doherty, Craig David, Happy Mondays, From the Jam and Scouting for Girls and the amazing sound and light system enable them to be seen and heard at their best

However….even the Pennfest organisers can’t change the weather and this year was wet, wet, wet. This made photography difficult as the combination of the hazing machine(Used to make the light beams more visible), and the fine rain made everything look a washed out grey – as though I was shooting through a fog.

So technology comes to the rescue…Using an AI image editing program that analyses the image a does some pixel reconstruction and enhancement, I was able to reconstruct good images. The silhouette shot of Brett from Suede was created using this method by cranking up the corrections.

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