Olli Clark – Healing

Olli Clark has played with many bands, as well as being a guiding light in his local music scene.

Olli came to us and asked us to do a video of him playing solo.

He chose a track by internationally renowned drummer Kaz Rodriguez, which is a standard test for technical capability

We had a bit of a false start when the first recording session was interrupted by a donkey braying throughout the performance!

We were clear that we wanted to do something different from the classic "Shot in a disused warehouse" video - there are a million of those, so we decided to do the opposite - somewhere out in the open

This time it was only birdsong that was an issue, but close mic-ing and gating the stems ensured a clean recording

It was shot using 2*4k cameras and 8 GoPros, a motorised head crane, plus a 4k drone for the aerial shots

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