Stills Photography

Whilst most of our work is music video at festivals and live events, stills photography is needed for magazine and e-zine articles, as well as websites.
You might recognise some of these performers, they have all been pleased with the way that we captured their show.
As always, the audience reaction shots are important, as they are commonly included in articles about the performance

Mixed media deals

As we are already at the venue, we commonly do a “mixed media” deal where we take still photography in the first half of a set, then do the live performance video in the second half.
This considerably reduces the costs and provides the artist with material that can be used for promotions, web-sites and social media – all for a very reasonable cost.

Stills Photography -Joe Elliott-of Def LeppardStills Photography -Rain-an essential part of the UK festival scene!Alice CooperGus
Stills Photography -Brian Ferry-the ultimate Rock CroonerMaverick Sabre
Steel PantherNile Rogers
Glen Fry
Black stone cherry