Jump – performed by The Eyes of Darkness – Video

The Eyes of Darkness had a party for all their fans at the AfterDark Club in Reading on Saturday 19th December

It should have been an easy gig, after all it was a purpose built club that had been around for ages, so the sound and lighting systems should be great – right?

Not so quick, it turned out that for whatever reason much of the lighting equipment wasn’t wotrking on that night. So it was good that we were able to bring some of our own lighting to make up for a venue that was basically unlit.

Everyone was in a great mood, the audience loved the music and used it as a start point to the holiday festivities

The band had worked hard on their set, so used a lot of guest guitarists and bass players for certain numbers. That was fine, we just had to keep moving the GoPros from one guitar to the next, which didn’t slow up the evening at all

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