Jodi – Mirror

Jodi is a young, Berkshire based songwriter, singer and multi instrumentalist

A year ago we were asked to do her publicity photos, as well as many videos of her live performances, and during that year she has become a force to be reckoned with as she fine-tunes her stage presence and musicianship

4 months ago she started to record some new singles, and then wanted a promotional video done

We discussed what the video was about with her management, and were told that it was based around a true story of a girl who had been completely vile to her, but as soon as that girl saw that Jodi was doing well, and becoming famous, wanted suddenly to be her best friend

So this gave us the idea of a 2 location video - one part focussed on the pain that this girl had created, and then the freedom from that pain.

The video you see here therefore has two main sections that visualise that

The car sequences were shot on the Oxford Rd in Reading using hand-held 4k cameras and GoPros attached to the outside of the car, and the Kimmeridge(sea-side sequences) were shot using 2 4k cameras

We did a small amount of FaceBook promotion around the video, which ended up with 28 shares, and over 4,400 views.

Many thanks to Russ from Ginger and Pickles productions  for his outstanding camera work and helping to develop the story, and his lovely wife Lou for some great catering on a cold and windy day at Kimmeridge

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