Jodi Liz at O2 Academy

Jodi Liz at the O2 Academy

We were asked to do a 4 camera shoot of Jodi Liz, a young singer/songwriter, and her newly formed band as she performed at the O2 Academy, Islington

For anyone performing at the O2 Academy, it’s a complete pain to find, and even worse to get into!

The show was just 5 days before the launch of her new single, and so we had to work quickly to get the release promotion video cut and approved for the launch date

The “look” that we wanted for all of the Jodi Liz promotional videos was one of a singer in a large club, and quite small on the stage, which we achieved by very close shots mixed with very wide angle ones that we crushed the blacks and shadows in post production to make her stand out against the blackness.

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