Isuzu – Making of – Photography

Jeff Boult was asked to do a launch / promotional video for the Isuzu D-Max. Chris went along to do some “Making of” photography.

God, it was cold!

Wales in winter might give some great backdrops, but it has an artic feel to it, that makes you really appreciate the great hot food that the catering truck provided
The shoot went well despite the weather being too bad to allow the R44 helicopter camera to take off – the cloud cover was just to low to allow flight in the mountains of Wales.

I was blown away by the professionalism of the extended crew, but a big shout out goes to the professional drivers, they did things with cars that really showed off the capability of the Isuzu – if you asked them to drive 60 cm from the back of the camera car, that’s what they did!

Talking of the camera car, you can see it was a Discovery, it got stuck and needed the Isuzu to drag it out! One up for the Isuzu’s capabilities!

Jeff’s Isuzu video can be found here

Isuzu D-Max launch videoIsuzu D-Max launch video DoP tracking shotIsuzu D-Max launch video The Director directing in the cold
Isuzu D-Max launch video - part of the crewIsuzu D-Max launch video - an umbrella helps a little against the weatherIsuzu D-Max launch precision driving

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