Ipsden Rocks

Ipsden Rocks

It's common to hear people bemoaning the closing of music venues - and it is indeed sad to see many iconic venues close their doors for the last time

However, we are seeing a rise in "The micro-festival". Small, once or twice a year multi-act events with proper lighting, food, bar and  sound systems

A good example of these is Ipsden Rocks. Held in one of the UK's oldest original barns, the event has all the best elements of a micro-festival, is very family friendly, and attracts a high percentage of the local population - who are all determined to have a really good time

The Ipsden Rocks management asked to do the lighting as well as an overview video and band specific videos

Some of them are below

We processed this video to bring back the "Feeling" of your Dad's Super-8 camera in this video of Dolly and the Clothespegs at Ipsden Rocks, as it suited the style of music

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