Ipsden Rocks

Ipsden Rocks 2019

Ipsden Rocks 2019
Ipsden Rocks 2019 - a great mini festival

 Ipsden Rocks 2019 was such great fun.

The barn at Ipsden is such a perfect venue for local bands to perform to a packed audience of enthusiastic music lovers who want to enjoy conversation, dancing wine, beer and great locally made food

Such happy people doing their thing.

This years event was on an unseasonably cold evening but still everyone enjoyed the great music from Rory Evans, The MFU, from The ECHO, The Dream Sellers and The Skyscrapers

The music used in the video was chosen because it summed up the hope that we all have for a great future – regardless of our age

We were commissioned to create both individual act performance videos , and event publicity and promotion videos

This was one of the small festivals that we are commissioned to shoot, larger ones can be found here and here 

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