I win a wildlife photography award!

Whilst wildlife photography isn’t my main passion, I  do enjoy doing it when out for a walk, and one lucky shot won me a wildlife photography award

I was at a local series of extracted gravel pits that had been turned into a recreational area when I saw a Crested Grebe coming back with her delightful , zebra striped two chicks on her back. As she approached her nest, Dad appeared, and offered her a piece of weed. Apparently this behavior isn’t to do with feeding, but to do with the continued pair bonding. It’s like us giving some flowers to our girlfriend or wife

I submitted the picture to the annual WildLife Photographer of the Year awards, and I won a section winner’s prize.

The pictures were exhibited across the country, as well as being printed in a beautifully produced book.

This picture was taken in Hooper’s Gallery in London


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