Flutatious launch DVD

Flutatious DVD

Flutatious DVD Launch
This project was about making use of footage shot by another video company

GigshotZ were asked to edit footage shot by another videographer to create a new Flutatious DVD
This was because my good friends at
FLUTATIOUS were constantly being asked for DVD's of their performances, so they've made one which will be made available in the new year as a limited edition of 100 copies

I edited the footage together which had been shot at Sonic Rock Solstice 2019

They already had footage shot elsewhere when we were unable to attend the event due to other shooting commitments, and editing this fine footage, along with sound recorded on the sound mixing desk made sense

Once they were edited an approved, the seven tracks were then compiled into DVD format, covers and notes created, and the results printed and sold.

This is just one of the seven tracks that are on the DVD, and the other 6 tracks are all stormin' foot-tappers.

The Flutatious DVD is really good. Go get a copy - you know you want to!

It is unusual for us to edit material from other sources because we don't have control of the quality of the material. A more common process is where we do it all can be seen here

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