Festival People

Pennfest People

As well as the performers we love to take shots of Festival People

The organisers also like this, as nothing sells tickets to next year’s event as much as shots of people really enjoying themselves

Useless fact for the day. Berkshire is 487 sq/mi

Not so useless fact-there are over 550 “festivals” scheduled in Berkshire this year!

Some of these are a couple of bands in a pub car park, some are like Reading, some are specialist (Food/crafts/transport) but they all have live music

The good news is that Live Music is back after Covid, the bad news is that many of those Festivals won’t attract enough people to be viable – there’s just too much choice(And, many people are going abroad this summer after 3 years of enforced “Staycation”)

More than ever, it’s important to check things like the food variety on offer, the line-up, the headline acts, the other entertainment and so on

So it’s great to see loads of happy people grooving together this year, but I truly wonder what will happen next year

These shots were taken at Chilfest

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