Candlelit Macbeth

Candlelit Macbeth

Creating a promo video for Candlelit Macbeth
The creation of a promo video

“Candlelit Macbeth” is a new treatment on that eternal Shakespearean favourite – Macbeth

Bart Lee, the creator and producer of the show, wanted to create a more intimate experience than the usual large stage events. He therefore came up with the idea of using candlelight rather than a huge stage with huge lights. Wherever the play was performed, it received both critical and popular acclaim

But Bart wanted to expand its appeal, so commissioned us to create a short taster video for theatres and venues to see what the unique differences were

As the name implies, when the show is performed, it features a number of LED candles as props, but still uses some stage lighting as the candles give insufficient light for the audience to see what’s going on

So we booked the cellar bar at Southill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell and created the promo video, which will be used to promote Candlelit Macbeth to UK and European venues

The target audience for the video would want to assess the acting prowess and treatment that Bart had created. So a “Highlights” video would be sufficient to do this

Just like the live show, we used a mixture of video lights and candles as visual highlights

Other promo videos can be found here and here

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