Butchers Arms Big Bash

Butchers Arms Big Bash

The Butcher's Arms in Sonning has always had a charity fund raising ethos. Over the years it has raised 10's of 1000's of pounds with sponsored bike rides and many other activities. It was therefore particularly poignant when the landlady was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Whilst she was being cared for during the final stages, it was decided that there would be a "Big Bash" to celebrate her life, and more importantly, raise even more cash for two charities that had significantly helped her - Sue Ryder and Beating Bowel Cancer.

The Butcher's Arms Big Bash was born.

We were involved in doing a short piece to camera as the landlord explained what had happened, and why they were supporting these two charities, as well as a fun short video to galvanise further support for the charities, and act as an event promo for the next year's event.

It's below

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