Butcher’s Arms Big Bash – 3 – promotional videos

The Butcher's Arms Big Bash (or BABB as it is affectionately know in Sonning Common, where it is held) is in its third year, hence the highly creative title of BABB3

As well as being one of the 3 event organisers, GigshotZ were commisioned to provide multiple promotional videos, as well as individual performance videos.

It features 3 bars selling a wide selection of real ales, lager, prosecco, and Pimms - along with all the use spirits and mixers
They also have a great selection of food, and kids entertainment

But the main focus is music
With 2 tents running all day from mid-day to mid-night, whatever style of music you like is fully represented

Above all, its a "Local" event, and the organisers wanted to showcase up-and-coming local talent, so this year, the event was kicked off by a section known as "15 minutes of fame" where the young - and not so young - could get experience of playing on a real stage with pro sound to an audience

Given how daunting that must be, they all did incredibly well

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