Band Promotion is both an art and a science.

We examine what the performer or band want to achieve, and then, work hard to apply both science and art to the result

The following videos have been used by the bands to promote events, singles or special appearances

These types of events include Starting a tour Re-visits to previous venues New band members Album Launches Changes in the general environment - like political changes - where the band want to re-purpose content to make it relevant to that change

It's important for us to understand what you want! The might seem to be obvious, but it's our experience that on many occasions, the performer or band haven't thought through how they are going to use the video, or how the video is going to help them achieve their sales, exposure, or promotion goals.Of course we can "Just turn up and do magic", but if we can work with the band beforehand, we can really make that magic work to the best advantage.

Live event music video and photography works best with some planning. In the first 3 examples below, we were asked to help promote a band to "Headline" status at a festival - it worked.In the fourth example, the goal was much simpler - "record our party", and that's what we did.Band Promotion also needs to take into account changing circumstances, and capitalise on trends and hot topics

The "Eton Rifles" track was re-edited when Geoffrey Howe died. That change made the track so much more relevant to the day's events, and contributed to massive uplift in views and bookings

Band promotions are best done with both a straightforward promo piece and a more classic live event music video - try and think of them as two halves of the same story.

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