Band Promotion video – overview

“It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll”, sang AC/DC in 1976, and over the last 40 years, band promotion has, if anything, got harder rather than easier Because huge publishing deals have got rarer as fans spend more time downloading content rather than buying it, the performers themselves have to take on the task of promotion, marketing and generally “getting heard” in a crowded marketplace. Live music event videos are one area that can help to promote a band, but so are performance videos which enable the band or performer to show their personality and uniqueness in a “Mini movie” We have seen supremely talented bands and individuals getting nowhere because they didn’t understand that talent, ability and virtuosity, aren’t in themselves a guarantee of success

The mix is changing

Band promotion keeps changing as the way that the audience find out information changes. Yes, Promo posters still have their place – but they have a very localised appeal (You are already talking to people in a town or area that have probably heard of you before). Having a web-site is key, but how is anyone going to know that you exist to go there in the first place? Facebook is really important, but what are you saying, and is anyone new listening?

The list goes on

We aren’t band promotion experts, but we do watch what works and what doesn’t, and compelling still images and videos seem to be crucial to get yourself heard over the crowd. When we first started doing promotional content, still images were what people wanted. These days around 20% is still images, and 80% is Video Here are 3 areas that you might want to look at. (Click on the pictures)


Primitai promotion


Single Camera