Artist video profile – Steve Daniels

Steve Daniels is both a talented solo performer and the lead singer in The Echo. I have done many videos of him over the years, and some of them are here

Band Performances

Steve is well known for fronting "The Echo" a headlining British Powerpop band based in Berkshire

Solo Performances

Steve Daniels plays in local events such as Bunkfest in Wallingford

Here are two videos recorded in 2016 and 2017

Christmas Cards

Each year, Steve does a video Christmas Card for his family and friends.

He is a very Christian person, and he takes the Christian doctrine and applies it to current circumstances.

So in these he looks at the plight of migrants, thinking about people who have died over the previous year, the care and love a parent gives to its newborn child, and even a ghost story!

Here are the last 4 years videos

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