2017 in Review-Part 2-The Festival Season and beyond

As soon as the festival season starts - we have no weekends! This year we videoed at 7 festivals and were the official stills photographers at a further 11

Most of these festivals, but some of them were in enclosed spaces, but regardless of the environment, the challenges were still there to enable the bands to be captured in the best light, whilst simultaneously providing great promotional material for the organisers

There isn't enough space to cover all the events, so what follows are just a selection of the ones that we had the most fun at

Marlow Rock Bottom 2017

Marlow Rock Bottom is one of our favourites. As festivals go, it's quite small, but grows every year, and over the last 4 years it's been fun to catch up with many of the audience members who come back each year


Oasis are the bad boys of Britpop, so the premiere tribute band have to just as badassed - and indeed they are!

As well as oodles of attitude, they noticed I had GoPros all over the stage, and therefore - weaved them into their act - great fun!

Straight Eight

are superb, energetic funk/soul band with an outstanding brass section


are a little more modern, and rely less on covering classics.


has a great swing and really get the audience dancing to their combination of classics and self penned numbers.

Again a really fun band to listen to on a sunny afternoon

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